If a building becomes architecture, then it is art
Видув з преформи, лиття , екструзія
Наші досягнення, Сертифікати, участь в Виставках, преса о нас і т.д.
Наші цінності
We work hard every day to make life of our clients better and happier
  • High Quality
    We are a leading firm in providing quality and value to our customers.
  • Unique Experience
    Each member of our team has at least 5 years of legal experience.
  • Good Support
    Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us during the weekends and at night.
  • Nice Gifts
    We like to make people happy. We ask our clients about their birthday and prepare cool presents.
  • Individual Approach
    This method allows us to achieve success in problems of all levels.
  • Effective Services
    We care about our clients' time. Just give us a call, and we will help you with all the questions.
Юридична та поштова адреса:
11620, Житомирська обл., Коростенський р-н, смт. Чоповичі,
вул. Героїв України, 20
Телефон/факс: (04133) 7-31-34

Адреса офісу та showroom:
03680, м.Київ, вул. Івана Дзюби, 9 (будівля "Електротехнічного заводу")
Телефон/факс: (044) 451-47-40 (вн.112)
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