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Production of plastic containers for packaging your products

Elfapack is a manufacturing company that produces a wide range of plastic packaging
We rely on 18 years of experience, innovations and a modern high-tech production base, and therefore we can guarantee the quality and stability of our products.
Our experience and long-term cooperation with market leaders and partners in the EU countries allows us to develop any packaging project in the shortest possible time, starting with the provided sample or sketch of the container and ending with the production of standards for approval by the customer.
Elfapack's production facilities ensure a monthly output of 7.5 million blow molded containers and 10 million injection molded products
Choose the right packaging models and accessories for your industry
Market segments
Jars and bottles for packaging medicines, antiseptics, sports nutrition, medicinal syrups, herbal tinctures. Lids, caps, spoons and measuring cups.
Packaging for household and industrial chemicals, products containing aggressive substances. Trigger bottles, jars with lids, containers for cleaning agents.
Packaging for cereals, sugar, dried fruit, sports nutrition, spices and coffee. Jars with lids for honey, jam, ice cream, candy, oil and sauce bottles
food products
Plastic containers for shampoo, tonic, spray, masks, scrubs, mousses, foams, conditioners. Caps for cosmetic bottles, accessories for cosmetic containers.
The quality and sustainability of raw materials are Elfapack's top priorities in the production of all our products
For extrusion blow molding of bottles and cans
For the production of closures and additions by injection molding
For blow molding bottles and jars from preform
To manufacture our products, we use raw materials from 3 types of polymeric materials