Our company is engaged in the production of natural cosmetic products on an industrial scale.
We started producing natural cosmetics when it was not yet a trend. More than 15 years ago, the Ukrainian factory of natural cosmetics Elfa was established, where for many years our specialists have been honing their skills in the production of salts, scrubs and oils.
Today, the former Elfa has become part of Elfapak LLC, where it successfully continues to produce high-quality cosmetics from natural ingredients, combining tradition and innovation.
Over a long period of time, we have accumulated our production experience, improved technologies, invested in high-end equipment and production facilities to offer our customers the best product solutions.

Contract manufacturing of natural body care products

We make products based on the following natural oils:
- Coconut oil - with the addition of aromatic compositions
- Shea butter - from a natural Chinese nut.
Cosmetic oils (butters) are a natural complex containing a large amount of vitamins, biologically active substances and fatty acids. For the modern consumer, cosmetic oils are a desirable and popular product. Therefore, the production of oils in cooperation with Elfapack is a step towards expanding your product range with competitive, high quality products.
Bath pearls (beads) are a fast-dissolving cosmetic product. It is based on a natural moisturizer, urea, as well as herbal extracts and oils.
These products can be manufactured with the addition of perfume compositions and aroma oils.
Our company has a proven technology for the production of beads for baths, and we can produce this product for you on a contract basis with high quality indicators.
Natural Dead Sea mud is an organic product with unsurpassed cosmetic characteristics.
This substance can be used both in cosmetology and in the treatment of many somatic diseases. That is why products of this type will always be relevant and in demand among consumers.
Elfapack experts are ready to share with you all the nuances and secrets of mud cosmetics and release this product under your brand name.
We produce products under your brand from natural raw materials:
- Dead Sea salt
- Black Sea salt
- Specially ground mine salt
- Turkish salt
By ordering salt products under your own brand, you can be confident in the best product solutions we offer.
We produce salt, sugar and coffee scrubs for professional and home use.
These products can be produced with the addition of perfumes and aromatic oils.
Contract production of scrubs from Elfapack is the right solution for professionals and beginners in the cosmetics industry. So, by cooperating with us, you receive a product produced using proven technology with the required quality.
We offer contract manufacturing of the following list of products:
We are ready to go through all the stages of the full cycle of cosmetic product development. We can also be useful at each stage separately.
Idea concept
Based on your product concept, we develop a ready-made solution based on our product list.
Sample development
We prepare cosmetic masses based on the product concept and provide samples to choose from. We can also provide packaging options for the product according to the specified weight.
Serial production
In accordance with the approved recipe and the chosen form of packaging, we produce an industrial batch of your brand's cosmetic products.
Receiving finished products
The finished product is formed into group packaging of a given multiplicity and labeled according to your specifications.
sale of raw materials
We sell high-quality raw materials for the production of natural cosmetics
We carry out packaging of bulk, oil and liquid substances in PET containers, PE, PP cans, doy-packs. We also perform foil sealing.
production of cosmetic mass
We produce cosmetic salts, bath pearls and scrubs on an industrial scale, in accordance with cosmetic formulas.
Elfapack's contract manufacturing services
recipe development
We develop recipes and compose aromatic compositions for scrubs and salts.
Advantages of cooperation with Elfapack
  • High performance
    We produce cosmetic masses on modern equipment according to well-established, regulated processes. Our capacities allow us to produce up to 50,000 units of a single product.
  • High-quality raw materials
    The company operates both on its own raw materials from the world's best suppliers and on customer's tolling raw materials. Our priority is constant incoming quality control of raw materials.
  • Compliance with international standards
    Our quality management system is certified ISO 9001:2015
  • Stability
    Our many years of experience working with natural ingredients allows us to guarantee product stability. You can trust us to develop formulations and cosmetic compositions.
  • The best packaging solutions
    We offer high-quality polymer packaging for natural cosmetics. A wide range of PET and PE jars and bottles, as well as caps for them.
  • Efficiency of interaction
    We are a customer-oriented company and offer very fast turnaround times at every stage of cooperation.
For contract production, please contact our managers or fill out the feedback form
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