Extrusion blow molding of HDPE containers
Extrusion blowing technology - used for the production of bottles and cans made of polyethylene and its variants. This method allows to produce containers with non-standard type of neck or in cases when further use of the container assumes exactly HDPE material, for example, for storage of aggressive cleaning agents or chemicals.
Also polyethylene containers, due to their property of plasticity in operation, can be traditional for some types of cosmetics and household chemicals.
Molding of plastics, in particular PP
The technology of injection molding into metal press molds is widely used for the production of caps, caps, nozzles, sealing liners, spoons and other accessories traditionally accompanying containers made of polymeric materials.
PP polypropylene is most often used as a raw material for molding.
In addition, PET preforms for blowing PET cans and bottles are produced by molding from PET raw materials.
All Elfapack products are molded on new, high-tech equipment.
Blowing bottles and jars from PET preforms
The production of PET containers is our flagship business. We produce most of our preforms for further blowing ourselves, which guarantees the continuity of production processes and the quality of the final products.
We produce jars and bottles from PET material using one-stage and two-stage methods on automatic and semi-automatic modern machines. A large fleet of equipment provides flexibility for the implementation of diverse projects for the production of PET containers with specified parameters of shape, neck, weight and color.
We adhere to high quality standards in every type of polymer raw materials and colorants we use in production. Our QA department constantly monitors product quality and adherence to production techniques.
Elfapack's primary goal is to produce polymer packaging that meets high customer requirements. We have succeeded in industrial-scale blow molding of PET containers and molding of lids and polyethylene containers with stable quality.
To produce quality containers, we use technologies and equipment that comply with modern production methods