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We can pack your products in PET cans and doy-packs. High speed packaging of bulk and viscous products using modern equipment.
mold production
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We produce press molds for the subsequent production of plastic containers: PET blow molds, press molds for plastic molding, extrusion-blow molds.
design services
Development of original design of bottles, caps, jars. 3D visualization and prototyping of plastic containers. Designing a product line for packaging in the desired style.
plastic injection molding
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We can mold plastic products from polyethylene and polypropylene using our own equipment. Provide a mold for molding the required plastic products
container blowing
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Blow molding of PET bottles, jars and cans into a mold provided by the customer. You will be able to get high-quality products manufactured in compliance.
In addition to mass production of stock items of plastic containers and lids, we also solve individual engineering and production problems for our customers.