Plastic bottles and jars for food products combine durability, ease of use and environmental responsibility.
One of the key advantages of plastic packaging is its light weight. This ensures ease of transportation and also reduces the weight of the finished product, which plays an important role in reducing energy costs during production and transportation.
We offer PET cans for bulk and thick food products. Use our containers for packaging cereals, snacks, honey, dried fruits or sauces.
A wide variety of volumes and types of necks will allow you to select the necessary containers among our serial models.
Food packaging
Elfapack packaging lines for food packaging
- Milk and dairy products
- Smoothies, juices, mousses
- Sauces, ketchups, vinegars
- Tea and coffee
- Candies, dragees, marshmallows
- Cereals, pellets, dried fruit
- Honey, jams, confitures
- Ice cream and frozen products
- Salt, sugar, spices
- Oils, pastes, soft cheeses
- Sports nutrition and supplements
Food products packaged in plastic containers
PET containers are strongly associated with packaging for carbonated drinks. Due to its low cost and reliability, this packaging has become a traditional type of packaging in the food market.
But today PET containers are not only bottles for dispensing water or oil. Polyethylene terephtholate containers have become a tool for food manufacturers to implement design ideas and marketing concepts.
ELFAPACK, a leader in the production of polymer packaging, is ready to offer packaging solutions for a wide variety of food products. Our products are manufactured in compliance with all hygienic norms and standards, which allows us to guarantee the European quality of our products.
PET packaging for food products
Take advantage of polymer containers in the battle for space on the sales shelf of your distributors and on the kitchen shelf of your consumers.
Food packaging should be convenient and modern!