We have extensive experience in manufacturing plastic bottles, jars and vials for our own needs. We are happy to share our experience and be a reliable supplier of containers and closures for your production needs.
Elfapack is an expert in the development and serial production of threaded polymer packaging
Continuously improving
Today, the company has its own production fleet of equipment for the production of PET, polyethylene and polypropylene containers and closures for them. This is a huge fleet of automatic and semi-automatic machines for the production of PET containers, injection molding machines for the production of caps and closures, as well as equipment for the production of PET preforms.
We value partnership
For many years our company has remained a reliable partner for Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers, distributors and retailers.
Our products still remain indispensable for the transportation and storage of products such as: cosmetics, disinfectants, construction, household and industrial chemicals, food products.
Care about quality.
The high quality of the products is also ensured by the high production culture. Qualified personnel, safe working conditions, regulated standards for the reception, storage and release of finished products. All this allows us to ensure the continuity and stability of our products
Quality Management System
Our production has implemented a quality management system that meets the requirements of international standards.
To date, the quality system at LLC "Elfapak" is confirmed by ISO 9001:2015 certificate
Financial statements