What is considered waste? Packaging with minor defects that do not pass our strict quality checks. First, this waste is sorted, then sent to an in-house production system, where it is processed into PET flakes and delivered to a recycling facility. There it is turned into a granulate that will be used to make new packaging.
We sort and recycle our production waste from the very beginning.
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How does recycled plastic save the environment?
As you know, the volume of consumption of products in PET containers is growing every year, and the volume of plastic packaging waste is growing with it. As a type of waste with a long decomposition time, plastic bottles pose a great environmental threat to our planet.In recent decades, the issue of PET recycling has become a high priority in European countries, which is also supported by legislation.Elfapack, as the largest PET container manufacturer in Ukraine, has joined the global idea of using recycled materials to produce its line of packaging solutions. We are close to the ideas of economical reuse of polymer products, preserving human health and the cleanliness of the space around us.
How does recycled plastic save the environment?
Elfapack's strategic priority is to maintain a balance between production efficiency and environmental protection. We strive to be a highly productive yet harmonious company when dealing with a complex material such as polymer.The PET containers we produce help our customers store and transport many great products in the cosmetics, household chemicals and food industries. However, like any packaging, PET bottles, jars and cans have a short lifespan and are an endless source of landfill waste with a decomposition time of up to 150 years.The fact that polymer waste has a negative impact on the environment and human health poses new challenges for producers of plastic containers and packaging. Following the global trends of recycling and reuse of packaging waste, Elfapack is ready to offer its customers a significant part of the PET packaging range made from recycled rPET.
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